Experience makes Griffith the right choice


To the Editor:
On May 7th voters in Northern Wood County will have an opportunity to vote for our Perrysburg Municipal
Court Judge. I hope you will join me in casting your ballot for Drew Griffith. Drew has been Magistrate
for Northwood Mayor’s Court for over 14 years where he imposes misdemeanor sentences. He has been a
general practice attorney for over 35 years and is the only candidate with civil law and landlord/tenant
law experience. In addition he is the only candidate with extensive experience hiring, training and
managing employees.
His credentials are impeccable but his personal approach to the practice of law makes him uniquely
qualified, Drew is tough but fair and has the compassion necessary to make a difference in the lives of
those who come before his court. His temperament and his ability to listen are qualities we should
expect in a judge and they assure us he will arrive at fair and reasoned decisions as Perrysburg
Municipal Judge. Drew has committed himself to our community and seeks to serve it now as judge. A vote
for Drew Griffith will be a vote for integrity, compassion and experience. To learn more about Drew
please visit drewgriffithforjudge.
Tim Laird

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