Sustainability in BG has a bright future


To the Editor:
This semester many of my courses have focused on community-based issues and the means of sustainability.

In my view, I see a bright future and influence in Bowling Green when it comes to sustainability. With
the increase of LEED certified infrastructure, recycling/waste removal, and educational programs.
Recently, the topic of removing single use plastic bags has been in operation. While I feel a ban of
single use plastic bags is needed, since increased discussion has been brought to this public on
numerous platforms (city council speakers to campus courses) I have seen an increase of plastic bags
being recycled at many select stores. This shows that community members care and understand the
underlying issue of single use plastic especially on a global scale.
My question to you is how do you feel about the ban, and do you feel like we are a secure path for the
future and the meaning of sustainability?
Kate Tatum
Bowling Green

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