Rubando won’t seek reelection to BG Council


To the Editor:

When I returned to Northwest Ohio in 2019, I was immediately welcomed by the hardworking and kind people of Bowling Green. I grew up in Toledo, but when strolling down Main Street or visiting our beautiful local parks, I immediately felt at home.

In 2021, when I had the opportunity to run for city council in Ward 1, I was excited for the chance to give back to this charming community. I ran a campaign focused on sustainability, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization. We pushed for positive change in our city, and the people of Ward 1 agreed. I am humbled by the experience and our work to allocate vital American Rescue plan dollars, construct a brand new inclusive play structure, and reform our city’s non-discrimination ordinance.

However, today I write to notify my constituents that I will not be seeking re-election. I cherish the responsibility of serving our city, but I have been called to be closer to my family during a time of need. I will finish my current term on council, and during this remaining time, will continue to advance legislation that will best support our city.

While you will not see my name on the ballot this fall, I hope the residents of Ward 1, and all citizens of Bowling Green, support candidates that will continue our mission. Together we have been able to protect the rights of all people in our community. We have expanded economic development, built new parks and green spaces, and invested in our neighborhoods. It is my sincere hope that we continue to elect leaders with progressive ideals. We can’t rely solely on the past, we must look forward towards a new vibrant future.

Thank you all so much for the admiration and support. It has been a grand honor to serve this city, and I will never stop advocating for our phenomenal Bowling Green community.

With all of my heartfelt gratitude,

Nick Rubando

Bowling Green

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