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The Inflation Reduction Act: A victory for Ohioans


The Senate recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act – a historic step to fight inflation, lower costs, and create jobs that corporations can’t ship overseas. For the first time in years, we are standing up to three of the most powerful special interests in Washington. We’re taking on Big Pharma to lower seniors’ drug prices, we’re taking on Big Oil to lower energy prices, create Ohio jobs, and grow new industries, and we’re taking on Wall Street to rein in stock buybacks that reward CEOs at the expense of workers

Protecting workers from surprise layoffs


In Ohio, we’ve had too many cases of companies closing down and giving workers barely any notice that they’re losing their jobs.

Latta introduces Robocall Trace Back Enhancement Act


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, who is the Republican Leader on the Communications and Technology Subcommittee at the Energy and Commerce Committee, has introduced the Robocall Trace Back Enhancement Act with C&T Chairman Mike Doyle (D-PA18), Congressman John Curtis (R-UT3), and Congressman Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ1).