Doctor is sick over Republican plan


To the Editor,
I have just reviewed a summary of the so-called Republican health care plan to replace the Affordable
Care Act — and it is chilling for anyone who cares about affordable health care.
The plan will do away with coverage for lower income patients for all practical purposes and price health
insurance out of any reasonable degree of affordability for many people — especially for older people
and those with pre-existing conditions.
I am not being alarmist — it’s right there in the summary. Republican apologists will say that I’ve got
the wrong end of the stick, but why would you believe Donald Trump who lies about anything and
everything if it suits his purposes?
Why would you believe Rob Portman, who is on record about having lied about his role in the failed
Republican repeal of ADA in the recent past. Bob Latta has been called a Republican puppet, who when
told to jump only asks “how high?”
If you are rich enough to be able to afford the higher premiums for health insurance that the Republican
plan entails, then you can ignore this letter and simply call me an alarmist.
But if you do not fit into those categories, you would do well to call your representatives and let them
know that if they repeal the ADA plan, you will vote against them.
Republican interests, despite any claims to the contrary, are not aligned with the interests of ordinary
citizens — they are aligned with the interests of big business. And Republicans are infamous for filling
their pockets with special interest money and hence voting their paymasters’ interests.
I have been called a “hater” by some correspondents, but since when is telling the truth being a hater?
BTW, Beto O’Rourke is now comparing Trump to Hitler — just as I did in this newspaper about two years
ago, though I did so in more detail than O’Rourke is doing.
W.E. Feeman Jr., MD
Bowling Green

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