Former police officer endorses Ohanian


To the Editor:
Perrysburg Municipal Court covers numerous jurisdictions in the northern part of Wood County. Having
served as a police officer for 25 years with Perrysburg Police Division and as chief bailiff/probation
officer with Perrysburg Municipal Court for 11 years, I have had the unique experience of dealing with
all of its law enforcement agencies, prosecutor’s and Perrysburg court. The common denominator is the
municipal court judge.
I endorse to retain Judge Aram Ohanian as Perrysburg Municipal Court judge. I have known him since he was
an intern with Perrysburg court in 1992. He has since worked for the Wood County Prosecutor’s office
prosecuting felony cases. It was there that I worked very close with him while I was a police officer
with Ohanian prosecuting my cases. Then when I was the chief bailiff we continued a close working
relationship between the court, prosecutor and law enforcement agencies.
Ohanian’s professionalism, integrity, knowledge and dedication to service have always been above
reproach. His experience with the Wood County Prosecutor’s office is invaluable and makes him well
qualified as judge of Perrysburg Municipal Court.
Douglas Spencer

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