This is not a great America


To the Editor:
The slogan “Make America Great Again” has taken on a new meaning. Why is it that the average family is
the one that is getting the short end of this making America great? Corporations received a 14 percent
tax reduction while the average wage earner received a paltry 1.6 percent.
Retaliatory tariffs have created a few new jobs but has also caused hundreds of businesses and industries
to raise prices (now being paid for by us); to cut costs, often time by laying off employees; closing
for good or even moving overseas.
Many farmers have especially suffered financial consequences of these ill-advised tariffs with grains
being stored instead of being exported. The recent government shut down (that the president took credit
for) was another blow to the average person. Hundreds of thousands of government employees will be
getting back pay, but another hundreds of thousands non-government workers won’t.
Now President Donald Trump is saying that he will close down the government again if he doesn’t get his
wall probably causing more financial difficulties for the average person. I wonder, how is this making
America great?
Dave Grabarczyk

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