League offers program on how food choices impact environment


"Impact of Our Food Choices" will be presented by the League of Women Voters of Bowling Green
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Wood County District Public Library. The Land Use Committee has prepared the
program which is open to the public.
According to Janet DeLong, committee chairman, State Issue 2 has brought attention to agriculture and
agribusiness in Ohio. Farming practices have changed and food is grown, processed and distributed
differently than a generation ago.
Farmers are proud of the advancements that they have made in production per acre with the help of
science, technology, larger farms and larger equipment.
Committee members point out that there are scientists and environmentalists who are concerned about the
consequences of these advances and believe that they are not sustainable practices. The removal of tree
lines and woods contributes to erosion and loss of top soil. Fertilizers and herbicides drain into
streams affecting the ecosystems there. Water treatment plants must install an ever-increasing array of
equipment to remove these substances from the water.
The program will include a short overview by Roger Anderson, highlighting the issues of agriculture today
and its long-term sustainability. Vickie Askins will give an update of the Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operations (CAFOs) in Northwest Ohio. Dorothea Barker will outline the concerns for the water supply.

Sally Kilmer will explain the choices shoppers have as they do their weekly shopping. What does it mean
when the container says organic milk, grass-fed milk, all natural milk, or hormone-free milk? Eggs and
meat may say free range, organic, all natural, or cage free.
A glossary/resource list will help understanding the wide array of products available. There are also
many opportunities to think locally, when it comes to food choices. Krista Elvey, an AmeriCorps
volunteer, will speak on her role with community gardening. The committee will provide some further
ideas about how to reduce our food footprint.

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