Bradner gets funds for sewers

BRADNER – The good news is that the village received word Monday it has been awarded up to 75 percent
federal funding to upgrade its five old sanitary sewer lift stations. The bad news is that village
residents should expect to see a future $2 per month increase in their sanitary sewer bills to pay for
the town’s 25 percent share of the cost.
In a phone interview Tuesday, Fiscal Officer Jan Stump announced, "We were advised, yes, we’re in
place for funding. … Yes, as of yesterday we were in line for funding."
Funds from the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act will pay up to 75 percent of the projected $389,000
cost of the project, including engineering. The stations are 21 years old and in need of upgrades.
The village’s 25 percent portion amounts to $97,250 which it will have to borrow. Council is expected to
give three readings to an ordinance increasing sewer rates by $2 per month for about 20 years which will
repay the loan.
The entire issue was discussed during a joint meeting of village council and the Board of Public Affairs
following the Nov. 5 council meeting. In the hope of being fully prepared for the project should the
money be awarded, members at the joint meeting agreed to immediately begin its engineering work which
has to be done by the end of December. They also put into motion to go for the rate increase.
During council’s regular meeting, Mayor Virgil Shull Jr. announced the appointment of Chris Lahman to
fill council’s vacant seat through the end of the year. Lahman was elected Nov. 3 to a four-year term.
He immediately took the oath of office and participated in council’s business.
Council approved accepting the bid of Ed Wagner Builders of Findlay for $3,626 to install new gutters on
the town hall. The hope is to get the project completed before winter.
Ryan Shull discussed with council members what they wanted on the village’s new Web site. Councilman Cody
Roth said he wants some pictures in a history section of the site.
Councilwoman Linda Wildman suggested notices be put on the site as well, but expressed concern older
residents may not have computers to access them. "You’d be surprised," commented Councilman
Terry James.
Wildman announced the Day in the Park casino trip was canceled.
Council held an executive session to discuss property. When the meeting resumed, the mayor announced the
village finally had its survey back. He told Rodney Wright that according to the surveyor, the couple’s
sidewalk, which was taken out, needs to go back to the place it was.
"I’m losing three feet of property, so I need to get with my guy," Wright replied, referring to
the surveyor he had hired. Shull said the village’s right-of-way at the property was 66 feet, not 60
Council accepted the "sale" cost of $14,000 from CMI for a village-computer software upgrade.
The village received a hefty discount because it is having the upgrade done this year instead of next
year when it has been stated-mandated to be done.