To the Editor: BG chamber supports BG income tax issue

The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce supports the City of Bowling Green’s upcoming ballot issue of a
.08% temporary income tax. The chamber’s advocacy task force, executive board, and then board of
directors reviewed the proposed ballot issue. After thorough discussion, the board of directors approved
the recommendation of support based on the following information/facts:
1. The city’s temporary .08% Income tax maintains jobs. Maintaining jobs creates the domino effect of
supporting our local economy and tax base.
2. This is a temporary tax increase (3 years). If approved, the increase would raise the city income Tax
from the current 1.92% to 2% on earned income.
3. Maintains level of services. These services have added to the quality of life and citizen convenience.
These quality of life elements are a natural attraction for new investment and residents.
4. The city has shown due diligence by making significant cuts in the existing budget. Despite these
fiscally responsible actions to control costs, revenue shortfalls exist in the city’s General Fund and
fire levy.
Passage of the income tax will continue to provide the high level of quality services our community has
come to expect and will strengthen our local economy.
Earlene Kilpatrick
Executive Director
BG Chamber of Commerce