To the Editor: Tolles best choice for Otsego


On Oct. 23, Lisa Ann Hatfield wrote a letter cutting down Howard Lashuay, the mayor of Weston, although I
am not going to go there I am writing for a different reason.
I graduated from Otsego in 1975, this is my home town and I am proud to say "home" here in
Weston. Like all villages Weston has its problems and in this economy sometimes they are big problems.
But we are a village and we do care. At one time Otsego School District told the Weston Recreation Board
to find another spot for the ball diamonds, Otsego was going to build a new school where the ball
diamonds were. Hey that came true, yeah right! Vote for this levy to cut costs on student fees/books.
Yeah that came true. Yeah right!
Today our children ride the bus sometimes over an hour, they ride four in a seat. Can anyone remember
even a field trip, can you even imagine four in a seat? That’s Otsego and this Superintendent and the
Board. Are your children safe? Four in a seat: answer that for yourself!
When Hatfield endorsed Daren Garmenn, William Gase, and William Wynn it told me those three were not in
the "what I wanted in the board" anymore. Take your friends and family bring back Otsego!
Hatfield will hopefully leave with somewhat of a face. Otsego School board has lied to all of us, they
have made threats; do we want this to continue or do we want new members?
Why vote for Mark Tolles? Because he is a honest man. You may ask him a question but the answer he gives
you is honest, you may not like it but I can tell you it is the correct answer! He is not going to speak
out of the left side of his mouth while he is looking to the right. Tolles is a graduate of Otsego. He
not only knows what our children can accomplish but he has lived it.
So the true question is: Do you want a repeat with Hatfield’s endorsements or maybe all the stories
Otsego voters just went through or do you want Otsego back? Your call, your choice, your vote; your
children’s future.
Deb Ash

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