Sports Mailbag: To the Editor: Bloomdale woman clarifies comments about Luckey team


I am responding to the letter written by Lisa Burket asking for an apology from me about stating that the
Luckey team had "bad sportsmanship".
I want to start out by stating that never once in my previous letter was the word "bad"
written, I simply stated that I hoped the coaches from the Luckey team learned from this experience and
in the future would teach their team "good sportsmanship".
I have read my letter several times and agree with you Lisa that it should have been worded differently.
I believe that your team meant no disrespect to our team whatsoever and they had every right to
celebrate their victory, they earned it.
Shaking the hands of the opposing team after each game is a sign of good sportsmanship, whether it be a
regular season game or a tournament game. You are right when stating that your team showed that.
Standing on the field for the opposing team while they receive their medals is a sign of
"support" and "respect" for that team, even if both teams are exhausted from the
game they played and that is what I should of stated previously.
So, to the Luckey B boys team, I apologize to you for stating that I felt you should of shown "good
sportsmanship" while we received our medals.
What I should have stated was that it saddens me that the support was not shown. The boys of the team did
indeed show good sportsmanship during the game we played and I am sorry for stating otherwise.
Emily Taft

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