Mich. man arrested in BG, second suspect being sought for passing counterfeit $20s


A Southfield, Mich., man was taken into custody late Thursday for his role in using counterfeit bills as
payment to businesses in Bowling Green.
Antonio Hall Jr., 26, was arrested for complicity to forgery, and was taken to the jail, no bond.
Police continue to look for a second man, from Detroit, who also is a suspect. A warrant for his arrest,
on charges of forgery, has been issued.
An employee at Barney’s East called police around 10 p.m. to report receipt of a counterfeit $20. Upon
learning the suspects didn’t have a vehicle, the officer started checking with area motels asking if two
men matching the description of the suspects had rented rooms.
He found Hall at Travelodge, but the second suspect was not in the room.
Police indicated the second suspect used counterfeit $20 bills at Barney’s East and a Domino’s on East
Wooster Street to pay for purchases. Hall told police his friend had at least 10 counterfeit bills he
planned to use in the Bowling Green area. Hall said he had not made any purchases using the fake money.

Police obtained a search warrant for the Travelodge room, and confiscated five counterfeit $20 bills from
the second suspect’s bags.
At 1:30 this morning, police issued a bulletin with the second suspect’s description. A witness described
him a black male, with short hair and wearing a black and white vertical-striped shirt.

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