County population is growing


Wood County’s population continues to grow, according to the 2008 estimates released last week by the
U.S. Census Bureau.
The county’s population is an estimated 125,340 this year, compared to an estimate of 124,811 for 2007.
The last official census figure in 2000 was 121,065.
Growth through the decade is most notable in the north end of the county, led by Walbridge and
Bowling Green shows a small decline since 2000, but is up slightly from the 2007 estimate.
The biggest drop is in Fostoria, which shares its population with three counties, Wood, Seneca and
Hancock. Since 2000, Fostoria has dropped from 13,931 to 13,000. The estimate for 2007 was 13,099.
Bowling Green has an estimated 29,542 residents, up from 29,491 in 2007, but down from 29,636 in 2000.

"We’ve always felt the numbers were a little low but we don’t see any objection to this
number," Bowling Green Mayor John Quinn said Monday. "The university has had its enrollment
drop so this number is probably reflective of that."
The most recent population estimates for the City of Perrysburg show an increase of 49 more people than
were counted in the 2007 estimates.
About 17,049 residents called Perrysburg their home as of July 2008, according to estimates released by
the Census Bureau.
However, Perrysburg Administrator John Alexander said that number may reflect fewer people than actually
live in the city. Based on buildings permits and annexation requests, he placed Perrysburg’s population
closer to about 19,000.
But, regardless of the precise figure, the city has grown, he said.
"It is a good thing for a municipality," he said. "Particularly with the annexation, that
tax burden is therefore shared among more persons."
Alexander said he expected the 2010 official census to validate the city government’s own estimates of
Perrysburg’s population. The official 2000 census reported a total of 16,945 city residents – 11,196 of
which were 25 years old or older. About 8,890 people were part of the city’s labor force, and there were
about 4,600 single-family, owner-occupied homes. The median value for homes was $158,700.
Perrysburg Township Trustee Bob Mack also said the July 2008 estimates for the township – 13,698,
compared to 13,672 the previous year – sounded low considering recent development of apartment
communities. "There’s growth," he said.
The next official census count is April 1, 2010.
The 2010 census is a count of everyone living in the United States every 10 years and is mandated by the
U.S. Constitution. Census data are used to distribute congressional seats to states and to allocate more
than $300 billion in federal funds to local, state and tribal governments each year. The 2010 census
questionnaire will be one of the shortest in history, consisting of 10 questions and taking about 10
minutes to complete.

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