To the Editor: BG’s old community gardens recalled


In reference to your front-page article of May 28, "Community gardens taking root in BG," it
brought back many memories to when the Bowling Green Department of Parks and Recreation provided
community gardens at the corner of Conneaut and Mitchell roads at the northeast section.
At that time, in the ’70s, the property was owned by the BG Utility Department.
The Parks and Rec Department prepared the ground by plowing and discing the area. We then marked off 50
garden pots, each measuring 30 by 50 feet.They were available to anyone for $30 per plot. We also had
watering arrangements made with the homeowner whose home was adjacent to the gardens. The homeowner’s
water bill was paid for the summer during the gardening season. We ran watering hose to a number 55
gallon barrels throughout the gardens for easy watering by all who participated.
This program was well received by the community and it was very interesting to observe the many styles of
gardening taking place.
The program ended when the city no longer owned the property.
Dan Rodesky
Retired director
Parks and Recreation
Bowling Green

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