Joe Average: The American system works – if We the People work


We are living in an era of protests, demonstrations and confrontations. These have taken the place of honest, mature adult discussions. In our diverse population, we will not always agree with our “leaders” or even each other. To resolve these differences there needs to be honest, mature adult discussions – conversations. But of late, all we seem to have are protests, demonstrations and/or confrontations. A lot of talk, perhaps yelling and nothing is accomplished, besides hard feelings and anger.

There is no follow up to try and resolve these issues. Demands are made, which for the most part, are unreasonable and usually only one sided. Neither side is willing to compromise or even sit down and discuss the subject. We seem to be at point where nothing is done, only bad feelings and division. The only “facts” we hear are really falsehoods and lies. Accusations are traded with exaggerated claims, often in the negative. And more confrontations. Again with nothing accomplished. How did we get to this point? And why?

One side evidently feels the present system isn’t working. But it has for 248 years, and has made our country great. (Why else do people want to come here?) With hard work and perseverance many people have prospered. Sure there have been problems, and disagreements but with discussions and compromises these have been solved. And yes there were protests in our history. Not on everything, or invented problems as is occurring today.

The American system works, capitalism works, but only if We the People work. The lazy and those who want something without earning it won’t benefit from the system. Unless they protest and confront those who have succeeded. (Remember – success is a journey.) Effort and hard work pays the bills and enables us to improve our lives. Protesting doesn’t do anything but interfere with the normal activities of everyone. Protesting may have a point, there are other ways of making one’s opinion known. Disrupting society isn’t the best way. Disrupting, protesting and demonstrating are not a positive method of improvement. If there is a problem, the picket line only further divides each side.

Too often these protests grow into violence and destruction. Where is the positive influence? Why do these protests need to yell loudly, damage property and disrupt? What needs to be done is to sit down, talk as mature adults and work out a solution. Or maybe the purpose of the protests is to just disrupt and not find a solution. How is that considered “progress”? Or even a positive development? It doesn’t.

Herb Dettmer is a retired Bowling Green resident, U.S. Army veteran and writes this column representing the viewpoint of “Joe Average” citizen. He is freelance writer and author of “Others,” a devotional book. Call or text “Joe” with comments at 419-494-4641.

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