Don’t let Trump, MAGA Republicans brainwash you


To the editor,

I was not going to write anything for a while, but the longer Trump (the Quisling) and the MAGA Republicans (with Moscow Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House) keep spreading the Big Lie without rebuttal, the more people will believe it—and that would be very bad for the maintenance of our democratic republic. Of course, if you want to live under a dictatorship, that’s not a problem. A religious dictatorship would be even worse since “God” would justify any action. Does anyone have any idea how many people have died because “Deus volt!” There is a very good reason why our Founding Fathers wanted to separate church and state.

Trump is anti immigration because, in his own words,”If we don’t crack down on immigration, we will never win another election.” Yes, we have a lot of immigrants trying to get into the USA, but they are fleeing death and/or destruction at home. Yes, we need to have better immigration policies, but legal immigrants would have to be paid minimum wages at their places of employment and the Republicans don’t want to do that.

Trump and the MAGA Republicans warn about immigrants and crimes, but the vast majority of crimes in the USA are committed by native-born folk, not by immigrants. And serious crime rates are falling in any event.

Remember, Trump and the MAGA Republicans are playing with your brain. Don’t let them brainwash you!

W.E.Feeman Jr.

Bowling Green

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