Ghanbari goes the extra mile


To the editor:

On March 19, voting for District 75 State Representative Haraz Ghanbari, we have an opportunity to vote for an elected official who stands out in positive ways.

I am a Washington Township Trustee. In August of 2020, a contractor working for the CSX Railroad damaged a bridge abutment at our Tuller Road crossing. We reached out to the railroad and their contractor requesting they pay for the repair of the damages. What we discovered is that townships have very little voice in getting even a response from the railroad, let alone their commitment to repair damages they caused to our roads.

So after three months, in frustration, we reached out to Rep. Ghanbari seeking his help. That same afternoon, we had a reply back from a CSX representative and on Dec. 3, 2020, the railroad agreed to pay 100% of the repairs. Impressive, huh! We thought so, too.

Not only does Rep. Ghanbari know people who can get things done, he is a most visible and approachable elected official. Whether we are dedicating veterans’ banners in our village, raising money for 4-H exhibitors at Wood County Fair auctions, cutting the ribbon at Otsego’s Fox-Shank Living Laboratory or simply lighting our village Christmas tree, he is there.

I invite you to recognize and reward our state representative’s willingness to go the extra mile for his constituents and join me in voting to re-elect District 75 State Representative Haraz Ghanbari.

Steve Powell

Bowling Green

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