Our Great Lakes are being polluted by manure and algae


Letter to the Editor:

I have lived in Montgomery Township and Wood County for 81 years.

First and foremost, I’m a Christian. My dad Lee Harrison was a farmer and I followed in his footsteps.

The five Great Lakes are a gem, for fresh clean water. That doesn’t exist any more.

The Lord is the master of Lake Erie. Pollution is mentioned in the Bible more than once.

I dare say, Lake Erie has become more toxic algae. We have approximately 80 Contained Animal Feeding Operation in the western basin. We have a 4,000-cow CAFO in Portage Township. Where does liquid manure go? Out of the tile in soil to Maumee River.

We have algae every year that is toxic.

I would like to meet with state representative about this.

Tom Harrison


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