Beware of out-of-state bogeyman money


To the Editor:

We just voted on Issue 1 which was sold as protecting Ohio from the out-of-state bogeyman of money and influence trying to destroy our state.

Backers of Issue 1 bring Americans for Prosperity to town. Bob Latta was there to moan and groan about wasteful spending and debt.

The wasteful spending that his party has never devised and presented a plan to deal with. When his party had full control of the government for two years they added trillions to the debt and gave the top 1% and corporations trillions in tax breaks. The 1% didn’t need the breaks and corporations have been having record profits.

Americans for Prosperity: A PAC started and funded by out of state billionaires, the Koch Brothers. They advocate the elimination of income taxes and social programs. They inherited their wealth from daddy, who helped build refineries to fuel the Nazi War machine for Adolf Hitler. They supported Trump to gain big tax breaks, but now find him no longer useful to them and they have turned against him.

We need to remain vigilant of the out-of-state bogeyman money and influence no matter who is promoting them at the time.

Russell Griggs


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