Toledo man sentenced to 21 years to life for rape


A Toledo man found guilty of rape has been given a prison sentence of up to life.

He plans to appeal and has requested a new trial.

John Gebrosky, 35, was transported from the jail March 15 to the courtroom of Wood County Common Plea Judge Joel Kuhlman.

A jury in February spent 30 minutes before returning a guilty verdict on two charges of rape, and one count each unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and gross sexual imposition.

In 2021, Gebrosky was accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a 12-year-old in December 2017. He also had sexual contact with the child the day before.

In 2022, he was accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a 14-year-old from May 1, 2021, and June 30, 2021, by compelling her to submit by force or threat of force.

One rape charge carries a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years to life.

Kuhlman said he could sentence Gebrosky to three to 11 years for the second rape charge as it falls under a different statute.

He sentenced Gebrosky to 21 years to life for the crimes.

“I’m getting a life sentence for something that never happened,” Gebrosky said.

He addressed the court for more than 15 minutes.

Defense attorney Merle Dech Jr. said he will refile the motion for a new trial based on mistakes and missing material by his client’s previous appointed counsel.

Wood County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Pamela Gross said she will file a response rejecting a new trial.

The 2021 victim said in the courtroom that she has “gone through more things than the average adult, and he caused it.”

She said she was molested and raped, “and he knows what he did.”

The victim’s mother said Gebrosky deserves the maximum sentence.

Gebrosky shook his head as he listened to the accusations.

“You can shake your head all you want,” the mother said.

Gebrosky was accused of playing the “food game” with this victim, which required the seated person to identify the item placed in their mouth.

“This defendant is the worst of the worst,” Gross said.

The state asked for consecutive sentences for all charges.

Dech requested life with a chance for parole after 10 years and all sentences run concurrently.

“Looking at the defendant’s age … I feel that a concurrent sentence would adequately punish my client,” he said.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Gebrosky said, and questioned the reliability of the detectives and the prosecutors who he said made stuff up to prove their case.

He said he was being set up and the victim was coerced.

He said he spent time in jail for violating a temporary restraining order that should never have been issued, got home and within weeks was facing allegations of something that happened years ago.

“I know I have never done the things that are being said,” he said. “She knows what she is doing is not right.”

He said he rejected a plea offer of 18 months that was made in 2021 “because I’m not guilty.”

“I do not believe my brother is capable of what he has been accused of,” said Christine Matthews.

She asked the judge to consider options other than prison.

Kuhlman sentenced Gebrosky to 10 years to life for the rape and three years for the gross sexual imposition charges in the 2021 case.

The unlawful conduct charge merged with the rape charge in the 2022 case for purposes of sentencing. Kuhlman imposed eight years in prison on this case.

The sentences will run consecutively for a total of 21 years to life. Gebrosky will be given credit for time served.

He must register as a Tier III sex offender, which will require him to register every 90 days for life.

He refused to sign that paperwork but acknowledged its receipt.

Dech said he planned to file an appeal.

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