Lima NAACP alleges threats, vandalism of cars


LIMA — The Lima Chapter of the NAACP held a press conference on Saturday to address what the group calls a disturbing case of intimidation that members found at headquarters at Grace Church Ministries.

Ronald Fails said that he has seen his share of threats over the years, but that it was worth speaking out and contacting the authorities when staff discovered threatening graffiti painted on cars parked in the lot of the church and he was sent verbal threats over the phone.

“This time, they upped the ante by spraying the vehicles,” Fails said of the vandalism, which was found on Friday. “But when you start doing those kinds of things, it’s more intentional. What if someone would have been there? There could have been an encounter and we shouldn’t ignore it. That’s terrorism.”

Fails said that he reached out to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office about the incident and that they have been responsive and that the two groups have historically had a strong relationship. The sheriff’s office was not available for comment, due to the weekend.

“I was notified by one of the staffmembers and I came over and saw it,” he said. “Kids throw toilet paper on trees so we wondered if it was just something like that, but we saw that the graffiti said “KKK” and that brings up different emotions. I have enough sense to know some things should not be ignored.”

Fails said that the church would be installing electronic controls to ward off any future incidents.

“If they come back, it won’t be as easy as last time.”

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