Real Estate Trnasfers: 2-16-23

Feb. 6

314 Vine St., Pemberville, residential, from Megan Hardcastle, to Jeff Hardcastle, $163,000.

28797 Tracy Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Mike Milam, to Ryan and Hannah Fuelling, $265,000.

375 Southwood Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Christina May, to Bin Chen, $180,000.

Feb. 7

221 Curtis Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Williams and Ryan Welty, to NWT Properties LLC, $9,500.

4139 Waltham Road, Lake Township, residential, from Keith Adamson, to Christopher Mourray, $40,000.

9650 Fremont Pike, Rossford, residential, from George and Carol Kachmarik, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, $155,000.

Feb. 8

2569 Courtly Drive, Perry Township, residential, from Michael Harmon, to Joseph and David Reinhart, $70,000.

195 E. Boundary St., Perrysburg, residential, from MKL-GYL LLC, to BP-JK LLC, $235,000.

0 Simmons Road, Rossford, commercial, 4.02 acres, from Simmons Road Ltd, to Amerco Real Estate Company, $1,105,500.

Feb. 9

943 Sand Ridge Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Brian Snyder, to Kevin Siers and Janet Behrick, $165,000.

1012 Arrowhead Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Indian Ridge Subdivision LLC, to Valerie Busch, $52,000.

29118 Millbury Road, Lake Township, residential, from Jose Garza, to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB4, $76,000.

28120 Main St., Millbury, residential, from Dana Bockbrader, to Lisa Carlin, $195,000.

8038 and 0 Rudolph Road and 0 Bays Road, Liberty Township, residential, from Connie Bradley, to Midfirst Bank, $70,520.

0 Dowling Road, Webster Township, agricultural, 40 acres, from Alan Brinker, to Matthew and Kristi Brinker, trustees, $195,000.

Feb. 10

340 and 0 Walbridge St., Cygnet, residential, from Kevin Kern, to Leona Euler and Michael Bowerman, $45,000.

825 Vale Court, Bowling Green, residential, from T&T Obermyer Farms LLC, to Matthew Thomas, $250,000.

0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, agricultural, 36.07 acres, from Diane, Phillip and Christoper Heinze, to James Dutton, Phillip and Christopher Heinze, $266,000.

0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, agricultural, 3.43 acres, from Diane Heinze, trustee, to James Dutton, $20,000.

15022 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, residential, from Viola and Willard Smith, to Henry Hernandez and Exandra Garcia, $13,000.

25319 Addington Court, Middleton Township, residential, from Lindsay Ackerman and Justin Eybs, to Christina and Shannon Swint, $472,500.

525 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg, residential, from Jerry Hebert and Kay Challer, to Deanne and Jeffrey Lowery, $300,000.

142 Valley Hall Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Summerfield Perrysburg Development Ltd., to Mark and MacKenzie Matheson, $61,900.

602 Bridgeview Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Brenda Koeppe, to Michael Brice Jr., $291,500.