Elm Tree Road plans finally moving ahead in Rossford


ROSSFORD — A variety of road projects dominated Monday’s council meeting, from a residential street reconstruction — 30 years in the making — to expressway sound barriers.

There will be a special open house meeting immediately prior to the Feb. 13 council meeting, from 4-5:30 p.m., on the project reconstructing East Elm Tree Road.

Residents of the street were promised reconstruction 30 years ago and Mayor Neil MacKinnon III pledged a solution after residents brought it to his attention.

Economic Development Director Todd Audet said the design is a compromise.

“It’s not perfect, because the environment out there isn’t perfect, but we’ve decided on this type of new open house presentation, to explain, with openness, how we plan to fix the situation,” Audet said. “We came up with the best balance of giving residents what was promised.

“We’ve invited them to come in and see it and explain why we have to do what we did,” Audet said. “I think everybody should be happy. My gosh, it’s going to improve drainage. It’s going to improve their property.”

He explained that 30 years ago a new subdivision was put in at the end of Elm Tree.

“Elm Tree was basically a dirt path with pavement over it. At the end of that road they started a new road, which was modern, with drainage, curbs and modern pavement. At the time, the city said they would fix the rest of it. The developer built the improvements, but the city didn’t have the money at that time.”

Final price estimates, maps and other documents will be available at the meeting.

The city has entered into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation for the resurfacing of Interstate 75 from Ohio 199 to Glenwood Road. Included in the retrofit project would be reconstruction of a noise wall.

Audet said a wooden noise wall will be replaced by ODOT. It is a section of I-75 north of the Perrysburg water tower, near the I-75 and Interstate 475 interchange.

“It would be on the west side. Most of it has blown down, or just disintegrated,” Audet said. “The interstate system is paid for all by the state and federal. So we wouldn’t pay to resurface the interstate system. They have to maintain that. It also goes for the wall. It’s an environmental consideration, through the department of transportation. Basically, it mitigates sound in those high volume areas.”

In other business, 2023 dock fees for the Rossford Marina were approved. Average prices increased 12.5 %. Administrator Alyson Murray said there are currently 53 new names on the waiting list for marina slots.

On a second reading, council unanimously approved an amendment to the zoning map.

Six parcels of land have had the zoning changed from planned commercial to planned industrial. The total acreage would be 34.48 acres on Lime City Road and 4.67 acres on Glenwood Road. The land is considered adjacent to I-75.

An ordinance approving the estimated $15 million in revenues for the previously approved 2023 budget was unanimously approved in the budget. The supplemental amending ordinance for the appropriations was also approved.

After approval of the finance committee, the council also approved a compensation package for non-bargaining unit employees of the police and fire departments.

“We looked at the collective bargaining agreement with the police union and found that our sergeants were going to be making as much money as our lieutenant, and if we bumped up, he would be making as much money as the chief,” Murray said.

Pay increases are: police chief increases from $84,043 to $98,000; police lieutenant from $80,000 to $88,000 and assistant fire chief from $24.30 per hour to $28 per hour.

“I just want to state, for the record, that the chief has done just an amazing job, with programs like Lexipol, the Citizen’s Police Academy and the creation of the lieutenants’ position,” Councilman Chris Heban said.

Councilman Larry Oberdorf Sr. was absent, but excused from the the meeting.

The meeting was held at the recreation center, because of construction at the municipal building. If construction is still on going, the next meeting will be at the Mark G. Zuchowski Safety, Zoning, and Planning Annex at 229 Eagle Point Road.

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