Gifts to BG schools from the community top $16,000


Despite a record number of donations in January, the needs of students in Bowling Green City Schools is not going away.

The board of education accepted a record $16,258 in gifts at the Jan. 23 meeting.

Seven or eight years ago, there were just a couple hundred dollars donated each month, said board member Ginny Stewart.

“It’s just become this wondrous, generous thing,” she said. “And while we hit a record, the need doesn’t end.”

Conneaut Elementary needs snacks, specifically Goldfish, granola bars and Cheetos.

Crim Elementary is requesting Goldfish, Cheetos and gummy snacks as well as school supplies such as markers, crayons and pencils to restock at the mid-year mark.

Kenwood Elementary needs snacks but no specifics were given.

Water bottles are still being requested at the high school. It doesn’t matter if they are reusable bottles.

“Water bottles just seem to be an ongoing thing for the kids,” Stewart said.

Bobcat Basics at the middle school is in need of snacks, Kleenex, ChapStick and feminine hygiene products.

Stewart asked community members who may be interested in donating to avoid snacks with nuts.

Families that need help paying for lunches are asked to contact an administrator to see if they qualify for free and reduced lunches. The application is confidential.

Donations to pay for outstanding balances are accepted. Checks should be made out to BGCS with “lunch debt” in the memo.

“I want to thank, on behalf of everyone, this community for your generosity,” Stewart said. “It goes on and on and it really does affect a lot of children.”

The board accepted gifts for:

1BookBG: $50 to Crim and $50 to Kenwood from Margaret Tourje and Jane Krensky in honor of their brother-in-law Scott Stewart.

After Prom: $780 from Craig Cookson and Michalene Gompf-Oates; $50 from Patrick and Sarah Caserta; $300 from Michael and Rachel Barnett; $50 from Craftco Inc.; $350 from H&R Block Bowling Green; $300 from Kress and Company Inc.; and $300 from the Wood County Educational Service Center.

Basketball programs: $1,000 anonymous (girls) and $260 from Robert and Julie Claypool (boys).

Bobcat Basics: $100 from Janet Parks (clothing), $220 from BG Noon Kiwanis, $34 from anonymous (hygiene products).

BGCS and students: $195 from Dee Miller (homemade hats and scarves); $24 Rev. Larry Swaisgood (wooden door stops); $450 from Staples (school supplies).

BGHS choral: $215 from Hilary Swickheimer, $750 from the choir boosters.

BGHS orchestra: $1,000 from Christopher and Ellen Dalton.

BGHS PBIS: $100 from anonymous.

BGMS: $225 from Tod and Julie Kowalczyk (gym shoes).

Conneaut Elementary: $200 from North West Ohio Apraxia Support Group (two chairs).

Crim Elementary: $1,000 for student fees, camp and cafeteria from Ron and Tammi Sharp; $750 for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Brian Lehman; $59 for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Inspired Mindz; $25 gift cards for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Al-Mar Lanes; $30 gift cards for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Campus Polleyes; $33 welcome sign for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Nina Vaughan; $200 book sets for fourth grade camp fundraiser prizes from Kaitlyn Cenci; $100 from Rachel Snyder and Jonathon Wolfinger (frames for school composites).

DECA: $25 donations from Wonderland of Learning, Belleville Meat Market and the Spangenberg Family; $50 donations from the Sundae Station, Thrivent Financial, For Keeps, Muffler Brothers and Kathrens Insurance Agency; $100 donations from Biggby Coffee, Communica, Precision Outdoor Services, Champion Athletics, Guarantee Carpet Cleaning, Clothes Bin, Diegel Pest Solutions, Megan Newlove, Karla and Mike Geyman, and All Seasons Lawn and Landscape; and $200donations from Easy Street Café, Ruck and Wright Law Ltd. and Al-Mar Lanes/CJ’s Sports Bar.

District students in need: $200 from Ohio Alpha Delta Master BG MA 948.

Kenwood Elementary: $250 anonymous (art program); $41 anonymous (food pantry); $50 anonymous (hats and scarves).

Lunch balances: $20 anonymous (BGMS); $25 anonymous (BGHS); $675 from Juniper Brewing Company LLC; $250 from Steve and Terri Bateson; $200 from Farida Sidiq; $20 from Robert and Deborah Feehan; $200 from Judith Miller; $200 from Roman Carek, Anne Ross and Madeleine Carek; $200 from Frederick Busselle $560 from Dorothy Tipton (BGHS); $20 from Debra Bechstein (BGHS); $20 from Shirley Frankfather (BGHS); $30 from R. Michael Vannett (BGHS); $25 from Shawn Mathey and Sujin Lee (BGHS); $200 anonymous (Crim); $200 from Wood County Clerk of Courts; $50 from Christopher and Ellen Scholl; and $260 anonymous (Kenwood).

Inspirational Educator Award: $30 from the Middle School PTO.

Madrigals: $200 from Marilyn and Peter Halleck.

Middle school learning center: $300 from Jack and Regina O’Hare.

Model UN: $363 from Mary Kern; $250 from the Nichols; $144 from Mary Kern for Harvard campus tours at HMUN conference.

Snacks: $160 from Eileen Underwood and Richard Rowlands (BGHS).

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