Another reminder needed of Republican soullessness

To the Editor:

It’s is nothing short of amazing that this letter is necessary. But, with the continued attempt by Republicans to take over this country by means fair or foul, this letter is most necessary.

The Republicans have now officially begun their attempt to cling to power by voter suppression, trying to remove poorer people (who are likely to vote Democratic) from the voters’ registry — under the patently false banner of election security.

The Republicans have acknowledged that if immigrants and poorer people (none of whom are likely to have photo IDs) are allowed to vote, then Republicans will never win another election.

What should we expect from a party that is imploding in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.? From a party that has no agenda? From a party that refuses to sanction the New York fraudster who got himself elected by lying? From a party whose speaker sold his soul to the radical right wing Republicans in order to elected to office?

Does any reasonable person not think that that this is a takeover bid by the Republicans? I urge readers to remember all of this — and what is more to come — at the next election in 2024.

W. E. Feeman Jr., M.D.

Bowling Green