Enter committee on aging’s 17th Annual Poetry Contest


The Wood County Committee on Aging Inc. is accepting entries for this year’s poetry contest. Any Wood County resident 50 years of age or older may participate. Submissions are welcome Tuesday through March 31 at 4 p.m.

Any poems submitted should adhere to the theme of “loss and gain.” The committee is looking for poetry that in some way celebrates the heart and soul of Wood County citizens as they continue to celebrate their lives.

Entries must be submitted in English, double spaced, in a 12-point Times New Roman Font. Entries must be entirely the person’s own work and never previously published, online or offline. All styles of poems are acceptable but they must be originals. Any plagiarized short stories and poems will be disqualified.

Two entries will be accepted per person. Intent to submit will not be accepted. Poems are to have a title and the poet’s name, address and phone number, and should not be longer than one page.

Poems are due to the WCCOA Programs Department, 140 S. Grove St., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 no later than March 31. Or, e-mail entries to [email protected].

Winners will be selected by a Bowling Green State University writing professor. All poems entered will be available for reading in a loosely-bound edition.

The winning poet will be notified at the end of April. The grand prize award will be a $100 gift card sponsored by Manor of Perrysburg.

After the winner has been announced, all poems will be posted at: www.woodcountycommitteeonaging.blogspot.com.

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