BG residents encouraged to submit tree planting requests

Trees provide numerous benefits to the City of Bowling Green, such as cleaner air and respite from the heat and sun. Trees can also help reduce utility costs and keep homes cooler in the summer. Trees help beautify the city and have even been correlated with a reduction in crime.

Every year, the city’s arborist plans one or two tree plantings, accounting for 100-plus new trees. The trees are planted during the spring and/or fall along city streets and in rights-of-ways. Most plantings are to replace trees that have been removed or to add trees in tree lawns of newly built homes. Older built residences, that do not currently have existing trees planted within the tree lawn, are also eligible.

Residents, who would like to request a tree planting in a tree lawn or right-of-way surrounding their property, should contact Adrien Lowien-Kirian, city arborist, at 419-352-6227 by Jan. 6 to be considered for the spring planting schedule. Residents, who have already contacted the arborist regarding a tree planting, do not need to call again.

Areas where city trees have been removed recently due to construction activity, such as West Wooster Street and South Church Street, have already been identified for tree replacement and are on schedule to be replanted when appropriate.

The arborist will choose an appropriate tree species for each location or provide options for the homeowner to choose from upon request. The arborist will make case-by-case decisions to determine if the requested tree type is appropriate for the space. Size of planting area and proximity to utilities will be considered before determining if the request(s) can be accommodated.