West Wooster work will continue through winter

Winter isn’t going to stop the continuing water and sewer work on West Wooster Street.

The project, which has reduced much of West Wooster down to one lane, is expected to continue into the spring.

“We are replacing the water line from Church Street down to Haskins Road,” said Brian O’Connell, utilities director.

The project will then continue down Haskins Road to the area of Wallace Avenue.

“That’ll be a new water line in that area. We’re also replacing the sewers that are out there. Right now, there are some blocks that have two sewers,” O’Connell said. “For some reason, years ago, they put in multiple sewers. So we’re reducing that down to one sewer, but we’re upsizing it to accommodate all the flow from the area.”

O’Connell also said that sewer laterals and service lines up to the right-of-way are also being replaced.

“When we’re done, it will be new water, new sewer, and that this is all sort of preparation for a paving project that will happen next year,” he said.

O’Connell said that the project is being done in phases.

“They’ll be going through the winter and into, probably into next spring is my guess,” he said.

He said that portions of the westbound lane of West Wooster will stay closed throughout, but it is his understanding that, as phases are completed, the affected areas will be re-opened to allow two-lane traffic.

The project is costing $3.1 million, including the water and sewer work, as well as some curb removal and replacement and some sidewalk work. O’Connell said that funding for the project was included in the city’s 2022 budget.