City prepares for leaf collection


The City of Bowling Green will begin collecting leaves during the week of Nov. 7. Leaf collection is available for addresses that are eligible for refuse/recycling collection and is not connected to the regular refuse/recycling collection schedule.

A map will be posted to the city’s website ( allowing residents to follow crews as they move through the city.

The primary method the city uses for collection of leaves is the “Grab and Go” method which utilizes a tractor with a rake on the back of it. The tractor will drive through the right-of-way loosely raking the leaves into the street for collection. This method is used so that crews can efficiently work their way through the city, minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing the amount of time the crews have to collect the leaves. This method may look messy, but re-rake your leaves, add more to the pile and crews will be back for another round. The second (and final) round will be more thorough and will be announced after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Follow these guidelines:

• Leaves should be placed loose (not in bags) at the curbside.

• Do not rake leaves into the street. This blocks street drainage during rain events. Also, parked cars with warm exhaust systems are at risk of catching fire when parked over dry leaves. Children also tend to play in leaves making this a dangerous situation.

• Do not put brush or branches with the leaves as it will not be collected.

Residents may also take garden/yard waste/grass/leaves to the city yard waste drop-off. It is open daily from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The site is located behind the Public Works garage on Tarragon Drive (off East Poe Road). This site does not accept brush (anything with a bark covering).

The best thing residents can do with their leaves is leave them on their property. Fall leaves are a valuable resource that most homeowners let go to waste by having them blown or raked into piles curbside, left for city pickup. The nutrients in the leaves are lost instead of being returned to nourish the soil and the grass or plants that grow on your property.

• Shred them with a lawn mower and leave them in place on your lawn.

• Compost them in a pile or container (with or without shredding).

• Shred them and use them as mulch on your borders and flowerbeds.

The city’s leaves are taken to the Wood County Landfill’s yard waste recycling area, where they are composted and reused.

Questions about this year’s leaf collection may be directed to the Public Works Department by calling 419-354-6227.

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