Perrysburg man: Leave my election signs alone


To the Editor:

Perrysburg-area Democrats can not handle the truth or freedom of speech.

In anticipation of the mid-term elections, I’ve installed some campaign signs in my yard in Perrysburg.

Someone is destroying these signs. They are also writing very mean-spirited, name-calling opinions in their blog sites making personal attacks.

They are working hard to ignore the real issues facing our country — issues that the Democrats have created.

My signs represent today’s environment, as Democrats control the Senate, House and presidency.

Everything has added up to a major change, making for the worst economy in 40 years. This has happened since the Democrats took power two years ago with their one sided agenda and majority vote.

Everyone is entitled to their position on the candidates and issues.

I have lived in Perrysburg for over 40 years and this has been the routine of this community every campaign season on public school issues, other tax issues and candidates.

Unfortunately, Democrats must not believe in our two-party system.

Let’s make America great again — vote this November.

Phil Caron


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