Former BG mayor: Support schools, Ghanbari

To the Editor:

As most Bowling Green readers know, and I hope appreciate, I have generally avoided getting involved in partisan political issues and campaigns in my various public service roles.

My passions have been directed toward the adoption of BG park levies, BG school issues and the levies in support of the Wood County District Public Library.

Today, I sincerely hope voters will find it possible to support the combined bond and tax issue for a new Bowling Green High School. In my view, it is all-important that the school improvement issues be addressed now and be in step with the excellent facilities in the Otsego, Eastwood and Elmwood school districts. Please consider the future of our children and our wonderful community.

I am also acutely aware of the campaign for state representative. Our current representative in Columbus, Haraz Ghanbari, in my view has been exceptionally effective and conscientious in meeting his elected responsibilities. As mayor, I always found Ghanbari to be responsive and understanding about those issues that make a huge difference in the deliverance of basic city and county services: local government funding and related needs, the needs of our first responders (i.e., our outstanding BG police and fire departments), and indeed veterans affairs and the needs of our senior citizens.

But, most importantly please exercise your right to vote either early or on Nov. 8.

Richard A. Edwards

Bowling Green mayor emeritus

Bowling Green