Joe’s right, we need more kindness


To the Editor:

I have differed with Average Joe many times through the editorial page. I skipped his last one because it was much like Nancy Reagan’s “Just say no to drugs” policy. Just bring back morals and everything will come up roses (Could kindness cure our societal ills? Aug. 10).

Will kindness cure societal ills? No Joe, it will not cure them. But, as you suggest, it will make things more bearable. A return to civility would certainly help. Divisive politics has destroyed civility. Down the road a young family with little children fly a (expletive) Joe Biden sign in their yard. Their young children see it everyday. A recent bumper sticker read, “I voted for Trump, (expletive) your feelings.”

Lies are confronted with more lies. When lies don’t work, repeat them louder and louder and louder until you think they are true. Don’t like facts? Make up your own, repeat them until you believe them. My made-up facts are better than your made-up facts.

If you disagree with me, you are the enemy. You hate me. Our political system runs on hate.

Will more kindness help? Yes. Hold open that door, Joe. Smile at people even if they frown back at you. Wait for people to get off the elevator before getting on. If you claim to be a Christian, act like you do in church. If not, at least pretend to be a decent person. Treat others like you would your mother.

More kindness will go a long way. I agree with you on this one Joe.

Russ Griggs


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