Biden madness continues with beefing up IRS


To the Editor:

The Biden Administration now has the authority to hire some 87,000 IRS personnel to unleash on the U.S. economy.

We only have 220 billionaires and millionaires, who have pesky accountants. There’s not much point in auditing salaried citizens so the primary targets for IRS audits are going to be small businesses and businesspersons who are the very foundation of our economy. The reason is that their income and business deductions are a target-rich environment for an IRS auditor.

Our landscapers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, restaurants and shopkeepers are the obvious targets.

Thanks, President Biden. This is one more burden on top of inflation, crime, millions of illegal aliens and tons of fentanyl killing thousands of Americans nationwide.

We must flip Congress this year to stop the madness.

Mario Goveia


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