The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

March 22

431 Prospect St., Bowling Green, residential, from Todd and Carla Fleck, to Joshua Johnson and Breanna Cardell, $180,000.

31 Summerfield Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from John Powers and Megan Van Tatenhove, John and Suzanne Fischer, $217,500.

1330 Clark St., Bowling Green, residential, from Richard and Amy Gilbert, to Edward and Marie Pugsley, $200,000.

127 Main St., North Baltimore, commercial, 0.15 acres, from Shawn Benjamin, to Kelly and Aaron Light, $83,000.

30406 Cedar Valley Drive, Lake Township, residential, from Linda Fleitz, to Robert Daney Jr. and Mary Daney, trustees, $305,500.

0 Whitacre Road and 0 Dixie Hwy., Liberty Township, residential and 72.95 acres agricultural, from Brenda Rummel and Ty Whitacre, to Jeffrey and Candace Beaverson, $640,587.

15039 Cypress Drive, Wayne, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, trustee, to Timothy Newlove, $59,900.

2861 Woods Edge Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Eric Anderson ,to James Peters, $460,000.

1017 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group, to Salman Arif and Zunera Nasim, $484,750.

13812 Otusso Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from William Bentley and Michelle Self, trustees, to Salman Ahmad and Uzma Rauf and Munir Nisar, $372,000.

132 and 0 Bergin Ave., Rossford, residential, from Doreen Sowle, to Sherri Kish, $93,900.

6127 and 0 Fremont Pike and 0 Five Point Road, Troy Township, agricultural, 18.21 acres, from Richard Hoodlebrink, trustee, to Cajka Family Farms, $134,930.

March 23

236 Grove St., Bowling Green, residential, from Derek Mangas and Halle Weaver, to Kelsey Degen, $200,000.

22410 Kellogg Road, Grand Rapids Township, residential, from Ugosho LLC, to Rudolph Lapoint IV and Emily Lapoint, $470,000.

5805 Woodville Road, Lake Township, commercial, from Gjevan LLC, to Gerald McKibben III, $125,000.

10200 Bradner Road, Montgomery Township, residential, from William Garner, to Adam and Samantha Sheline, $25,000.

415 and 0 Rosedale Drive, Northwood, residential, from Steven Streight and Susan Noel, to Noelle Asmus and Joshua Noel, $80,000.

27006 Heatherford Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Andrew Fortlage, to Eagle Point Properties, $159,500.

1035, 1026 and 1030 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg , residential, from Coventry Glen Ltd., to Buckeye Real Estate Group, $59,900.

500 Riverside Drive, Rossford, residential, from Gregory Tremonti, to Sapna Beda, $550,000.

March 24

109 Main St., Bowling Green, commercial, from Al Mar Family Limited Partnership, to Parti Properties, $200,000.

0 Dixie Hwy. and 0 Cross Creek Road, Middleton Township, agricultural, 58.49 acres, from Darwin Limes, to Michael and Patti Emch, $549,806.

25264 John F McCarthy Way, Wayne, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, trustee, to Ivan Smith Jr. and Matthew Smith, $62.900.

7171 Reuthinger Road, Perrysburg Township, manufacturing, from John and Judith LaPlante, to Clock Tower Capital, $1,525,000.

25608 and 0 Apex Lane, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Thomas and Kathy Williams, to Pamela Woodworth, $5,000.

549 Canterbury Blvd., Perrysburg, residential, from Saba Home Builders, to Jeh Faithful, $618,750.

1008 Somerset Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group, to Benjamin and Katie Koskinen, $441,425.

189 Elm St., Rossford, residential, from Jedediah Caldwell, to Dean Avenue LLC, $75,000.

3939 Fremont Pike, 0 Main St, and 23526, 23496, 23470 and 0 Lemoyne Road, Troy Township, commercial, from Latcha Incorporated, to Wonderly Real Estate LLC, $300,000.

1108 Joseph Road, Troy Township, residential, from Randy Patterson, to Kyle Patterson and Justina Casiano, $180,000.

0 Knitz Road, Luckey, residential, from Kelley Knitz, to Kevin Agee, trustee, $19,900.

March 25

322 Derby Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Julie Iler, trustee, to Helen Chambers, $105,000.

1025 Avery Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Richard and Cynthia Maas, to James and Jody Williams, $387,500.

29453 and 0 Harriet St., Lake Township, residential, from Ned LLC, to AMW, $189,000.

5889 Taylor Ave., Lake Township, residential, from Robert and Diana Pauwels, trustees, to David and Megan Pauwels, $182,000.

207 and 0 Beringer Ave., Northwood, residential, from Roger Perry, to Mauder Investments, $82,000.

26533 W. River Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Olatunde and Monisola Fatinikun, to Joshua Whitesides, $605,000.

0 Sportsmens Drive, Rossford, commercial, 26.09 acres, from Choice Crossroads Development, to Jabez Holdings, $1,230,900.

March 28

440 Walbridge St., Cygnet, residential, from Cook Investment Properties, to Flick Custom Builders, $35,000.

1532 Wren Road, Bowling Green, residential, from John and Suzanne Fischer, to Yamin Xu and Ji Shumin, $283,500.

209 Sand Ridge Road, Bowling Green, residential, from BF, to Kayla and Philip Simon, $225,000.

518 Third St., North Baltimore, residential, from 360 Property Maintenance, to Endgame Ventures, $30,000.

0 Bays Road, Milton Township, agricultural, 46.25 acres, from Mark and Melody Drewes, to Tyler and Whitni Drewes, $335,131.

7336 Wales Road, Northwood, residential, from Jessica Bixler, to Christopher Hilding, $134,900.

29394 Lindsay Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Susan Bigaila, to Joseph Bigaila, $340,000.

160 Valley Hall Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group, to Noah and Autumn Rasey, $369,900.

0 Riverwood Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio, trustee, to Justin and Jessie Loos, $185,000.

584 Winding River Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Lynn Upton, to Alan Rupp and Jessica Ameling, $415,000.

19 Exeter Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Nicholas and Jacqueline Espinoza, to Tammie Schaber, $176,000.

22 Meadowbrook Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Gary and Victoria Riesterer, to Patrice Brock, $174,000.

20175 Taylor St., Weston, residential, from Strategic Asset Group, to NSR Rentals, $65,000.