Two arrested after police break up downtown fight

Bowling Green police arrested two men this morning after they began fighting outside a North Main Street
As Nickolas Krajcirik Fredericka exited the business with his girlfriend at about 2:05 a.m., a
confrontation began with Jerome Anderson II, who began yelling at the couple, said Tony Hetrick, deputy
police chief.
Fredericka, 19, of Gerrard, Ohio, punched Anderson in the face. Then, "the fight was on,"
Hetrick said.
The two were separated when police arrived and charged each with disorderly conduct for fighting, with
Fredericka also being charged with underage consumption.
Anderson, 24, of BG, suffered a dislocated shoulder and received a second disorderly conduct charge after
he was uncooperative and left the emergency room.
"The doctor ordered he be brought back because he was too intoxicated to make rational
decisions," Hetrick said.
Fredericka was charged and released, while Anderson was taken to jail.