True Christians need to step up


To the Editor:
I recently watched a video of two abortion workers play-fighting with the bodies of aborted children. It
demonstrated starkly the unbridgeable and growing divide between Christians and abortion enthusiasts.
Fewer than five percent of all abortions have anything to do with rape, incest or the mother’s health.
The rest are performed to avoid taking responsibility for one’s actions. Jesus said there is no greater
love than laying down one’s life for another. I can imagine no more selfish act than laying down someone
else’s innocent life to make your own easier. The sex act is a biological invitation for new human life
to begin, and the so-called right to choose begins and ends with the decision to engage in sexual
intercourse. Those who have abortions are not beyond God’s forgiveness and redemption anymore than the
rest of us, but sin must be acknowledged as sin and repented of. Fortunately, the Bible promises that
God is rich in mercy, and in taking the penalty for our sins on himself Jesus Christ is able to restore
and redeem sinners.
True Christians need to make a polite but clear distinction between themselves and the prevailing
culture. Sadly, instead of separating themselves from the ways of the world, many who profess Christ
have become comfortable with values and practices which God condemns, one of which is abortion. Even
many churches have abandoned the authority of Scripture in an effort to make sinners comfortable.
Sloppy, man-centric doctrine promotes an easy, uncritical quasi-faith that gives false assurance and
leaves believers unprepared for the trials that all true Christians must face. Scripture says that
embracing the world’s values makes one an enemy of God, thus under his wrath and just condemnation.
Instead of heaven, such churches are preparing their parishioners for spiritual failure.
John Randall
Bowling Green

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