This vet got answers from Trump


To the Editor:
Grassroots Republicans took back our party and got Donald J. Trump elected president after eight years of
arrogance and ignorance, the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens lining their pockets with millions of foreign
dollars. No person is above the law so let’s jail the fore-mentioned crooks.
W.E. Freeman MD lectures Republicans who voted Trump about false climate change, gun control and farmers
plight while wondering why vets (like me) voted for a real president.
Trump’s White House answered questions and problems I had with the VA within four hours. I am still
waiting — now 5 years plus — for an answer from the Obama White House. That’s why vets support Trump.

The “silly” wall is similar to the walls around the Obama House in D.C., the Pelosi winery in the Napa
Valley, the Biden house in Delaware — and doing the same job. They are keeping unwanted people from
sneaking into our country so legal immigrants can come in.
FYI Freeman, the line for impeachment is high crimes and misdemeanors, none of which have been committed
by Trump.
This Vietnam veteran and former New Yorker (where Trump has a fine reputation for his honesty and lack of
racial bias) will be out there manning the phones, putting out literature and answering questions and
doing all I can to see Trump reelected for four more years.
Greg Hernandez
North Baltimore

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