Sell home faster with these tips and tricks

Over 5 million homes were sold in the United States last year. But, not every seller was able to secure
the original listing price. Preparing a home for sale can be a bit involved, but there are a few steps
any homeowner can take to help streamline the process and possibly even sell their home faster without
spending a fortune on updating or drastically reducing their sale price. HomeZada, an online home
organization software application that helps homeowners manage their household and keep it running
smoothly, has created the following tips homeowners can follow when readying their home for a sale.
•    De-clutter. Homes sell faster when they are presentable, so organizing and de-cluttering your home
is important.  If you have a lot of items in your home, try to pack the less frequently used items in a
temporary storage unit or assign specific areas in your home with organizational bins to make your home
look more spacious and well organized. Taking a second look at what you own and possibly selling or
donating those items that are no longer used can also clear away the clutter.
•    Smell it. Every home has its own unique scent. You might not even notice how your house smells
anymore if you have been living there for years. Bring in a group of friends you know will be honest
with you and ask them to smell your home. If they detect any foul odors install air fresheners, have
your rugs and furniture cleaned, clear your drains and open the windows to let your home air out for a
•    Change sheets. Updating the bedding in your home can be a quick and inexpensive way to make it
appear updated and stylish. Look for classic colors that could appeal to any buyer, avoid patterns that
are too bold and busy, but do not be afraid to try a new trend either. Remember that lighter colors will
make a room look larger, cleaner and brighter.
•    Maintenance checks. Conducting maintenance checks on your home will help you understand what will
need to be repaired prior to putting your home on the market. Documenting these recent repairs will also
show new potential homeowners that you have taken care of the home and could quite possibly help your
home sell faster.  Maintenance repairs can also increase the efficiencies within your home.
•    Clear out garage, basement. When you organize your house avoid throwing the boxes into your garage
or basement for storage. It is the small details that sell a home and if a buyer can glance into your
basement or garage and see it sparkling clean and organized they will feel like they can live there in
the same conditions. If your basement and garage are not finished considering giving them a quick coat
of paint and washing them out with the garden hose to make them more presentable. Finally, invest in
storage solutions to store tools, garden equipment and toys so they are not scattered about the floor.

•    Hang mirrors. If there are areas of your home that feel dark and cramped look around the room and
see if there are any natural places you could hang an accent mirror on the wall. This will serve a dual
purpose. One, it will bounce light around the room making it appear brighter. And, it will instantly
make your room look larger as well.
•    Showcase patio furniture. More people list their homes and purchase new homes during spring and
summer creating a prime opportunity for you to make your outdoor space a selling feature of your home.
Use a scrub brush, soap and garden hose to remove last year’s grimy build up. Purchase a few new
cushions to make your furniture look soft and welcoming and consider using an outdoor rug to define the
space and add another pop of color.
•    Understand the schedule. When selling a home, you have to show it to prospective buyers. 
Understanding your hours and family’s needs, you will be able to set proper expectations with your agent
and prospective buyers when they can come to visit.