Perrysburg Twp. to try zoning again (2-18-14)

As officials take another pass at zoning the rest of Perrysburg Township, it’s imperative for residents
and business owners to see how they fit in.
Trustees and those coordinating the zoning effort have said they don’t want any current uses to become
violations if voters approve extending regulations which are already in place in about half the
Click here to download a high resolution PDF of the
Perrysburg Township map of proposed zoning changes.

Avoiding a conflict will require landowners to check their classification on a map outlining how certain
areas would be zoned. Discussing how property is used and whether any adjustments to the map are needed
is imperative to township officials making an educated designation.
To view the map, visit or contact the township at 419-872-8861.
"It’s our intent to zone the way any particular property is currently used. Now having said that,
you don’t know that some guy in his barn out back isn’t using a welding shop. There’s just no way to
know that," said Rob Black, chair of the township Zoning Commission.
"They need to come and look at this map if they have any type of property in the township, but
particularly business owners need to review the map and talk to us," said Township Administrator
Walt Celley.
"We think we can get everything to be conforming."
Classifications such as residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial outline what structures and
operations are permitted on certain tracts of land.
A large portion of new zoning in the southern end of the township would be agricultural, which is
"largely exempt" from restrictions, Celley said as the Zoning Commission reviewed an earlier
version of the map last week.
The map is peppered with small patches of commercial and industrial zoning mixed into the
primarily-agricultural area, with larger portions of industry and commercial zoning shown in the areas
near U.S. 20 and the Ohio Turnpike.
Businesses in those areas, such as the Cedar Business Park, which would be industrial with patches of
commercial, should review their spot on the map and check in with township officials.
"We’re looking for any additional input on those areas," said Kelly Hemminger, the township’s
zoning inspector.
The Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing on March 10 before moving forward with the zoning
initiative. "That’s when we would adopt the plan and submit that to the Wood County Planning
Commission," Hemminger said.