Letter about plastic bags disputed


To the Editor:
First, thank you for continuing to publish letters to the editor with peoples’ opinions; some are not
factual. Next, we like our local newspaper, and look forward to going to the mailbox, six days per week,
to pick it up.
This letter is in response to the letter published Oct. 23, "Time for BG to bag plastic shopping
bags." Just because California does something does not necessarily make it the right thing to do.
We hope Ohio never gets to be like California.
Now, here are some facts on plastic bags:
• Plastic bags require 70 percent less energy to manufacture.
• Plastic bags create 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.
• Plastic bags generate 80 percent less waste.
• It takes seven times more trucks to haul paper bags than the identical number of plastic bags.
• It takes 91 percent less energy to recycle plastic bags than paper bags.
• Paper bags use three times the amount of water to make than plastic bags. Ever go to a paper mill?
Please look at some so-called "cloth" bags; many are made from another plastic, polypropylene.
Most plastic shopping bags are made from linear low density polyethylene.
We hope these facts will be considered with other’s opinions.
John R. Kretzschmar
Bowling Green

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