Last weekend for Cedar Point’s stand-up coaster


SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) — It’s the end of the run for Cedar Point’s 18-year-old Mantis roller coaster.

The Sandusky amusement park says the last rides will take place this weekend. The stand-up coaster will
be reconfigured to create a new floorless coaster that will open next year.

The park says the new ride will use the structure and track of the Mantis coaster.

The new coaster will be named Rougarou (roo-GUH-roo) after a werewolf-like creature in French folklore.
It will feature floorless trains and a 145-foot first hill. The Rougarou will reach speeds of 60 mph.

Cedar Point says the Rougarou will open in spring 2015.

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