100th birthday blooms for Price

Trudy Price, who turned
100 today, reacts while sitting on a ridding lawn mower on the campus of Bowling Green State University.
(Photos: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)

For her 100th birthday, Gertrude “Trudy” Price was granted her “Wish of a Lifetime” on Monday as she
mowed grass and planted flowers on the campus of Bowling Green State University.
Dozens of people were on hand as Price sat on a modern lawn mower, then operated a standard push mower in
front of University Hall. She concluded her wish by planting flowers in one of the University planters.

A broad smile crossed her face when someone shouted out “We have a new walker for you” as she stepped up
to the mower.
Not content to plant just one flower or two, she wanted to be sure the planter looked good before she
stopped planting.
“It was great, I could have done more but that’s enough for today,” she quipped following her work
detail, thus confirming her mind is still sharp.
When she met State Senator Randy Gardner (R – Bowling Green) he commented about wearing the same color.
He chose an orange tie in honor of one of BGSU’s colors, while under her jacket was a BGSU grounds crew
official orange vest since she was going to serve as a member of the crew, if only briefly.
Price’s response, “It wasn’t my choice.”
Though she was soft-spoken, those that heard it laughed out loud.

Trudy Price plants
flowers on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

Following the program, Price instructed this reporter to “Write a good one. It doesn’t matter if it’s
true or not.”
As a resident of Sterling House in Bowling Green, her wish was granted by a program through Jeremy
Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime organization. It was coordinated through Brookdale Senior Living, the group
which operates the residential housing.
While Price is a fairly new resident of the facility, she has quickly become a favorite of the staff.
She said she chose the wish to mow grass and plant flowers as that was always a passion for her.
“I am an outdoor person,” she said, explaining her choice for her wish.
Her son John “Buzz” Price was on hand and said even in her room at Sterling House she has to have her
plants and flowers.
“She’s probably looking for the vermiculite to make sure those plants have good soil,” her son said as
she was planting.
He said growing up in Youngstown, the Price home was always well-landscaped thanks to his mother’s

Price, middle, uses a lawn mower while assisted by Scott Euler, left,

BGSU Grounds Manager and Christine Burger of Sterling House.

She kept the lawn as pristine as the finest golf course.
In introducing Price to those gathered, it was noted how she and her late husband, Howard, picked up a
hitchhiker as they were running away to get married. The hitchhiker became the best man at their 1936
Her son shared how the young couple sought out an Episcopal minister whose wife served as the matron of
Price learned to drive at age 12 and later served for seven years working for the Navy during World War
Price announced that she wanted to do this because “It is something that I can do so that I left some
imprint somewhere.”
When not gardening or mowing lawns, she loves to listen to radio programs in her apartment at Sterling
She also has said she “loves to recall life before zippers, tape, and Velcro.”

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