Elmwood gets update on testing goals


JERRY CITY – Elmwood school board members learned steps that will be taken to up test scores, and of the
continued support from community businesses.
At Monday’s board of education meeting, a parent asked what the elementary will do to up the scores of
the third grade reading guarantee.
In his written report, elementary Principal Gary Dulle reported that 61 percent of students have passed
the test with the remainder having to pass before being promoted to fourth grade.
"Any student that didn’t pass the first time will be placed on a reading improvement plan and have
additional opportunities to pass during the year," he reported.
His goal for next year is an initial passing rate of 80 percent.
Dulle, who joined the district in October, reported that he plans to have teachers work on testing skills
and have students practice taking the test.
"We can get close to that 80 percent very quickly," Dulle stated. "We have what we need we
just need to tweak what we do."
Superintendent Tony Borton said more effort needs to be made on getting students to pass the first test
He said 61 percent is consistent at Elmwood, but other surrounding districts get 75 percent.
The board also learned that running an underground gas line from the baseball field to the athletic
complex cost the district only $2,629.
The move will allow the district to remove the propane tanks that had previously been used in the
Jim Palmer Excavating and Suburban Natural Gas donated labor and supplies totalling $2,657.
"We were surprised at the amount of donations that came in," said Borton.
It will take just two months to recoup through savings the cost of the project, he added.

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