4-H News: 03-15-14


Perry Go Getters
Perry Go Getters 4-H Club met had their first meeting for the year on March 9 at the Perry Township
Meeting was opened by past Vice President Nick Stearns. Election of officers was held. The officers for
2014 are President – Nick Stearns, Vice President. – Sam Laborie, Sec/Treas/Reporter – McKenzie Mercer,
Health & Safety – Joe Huff and Joe Laborie and Recreation – Robbie Hunker.
Enrollments forms were handed in. Schedules were passed out for the year and discussion was held
regarding the two public service events that all agreed they will continue to do, the West Millgrove
Volunteer Fire Department Fish Fry in April and the Pickle Chase 5K run in June.
Refreshments were provided by Robbie Hunker.
The next meeting will be held on April 6 at the Perry Township Building.
BG City Clovers
On March 9, the new BG City Clovers 4-H Club had its first meeting at an advisor’s home.
During the meeting members played icebreaker games to learn about their fellow club members. Members then
elected the following officers: Elijah Poetzinger, president; Jacob Partin, vice president; Alison
Poetzinger, secretary/news reporter; Peyton Green, treasurer; Marai Martinez, recreation leader and club
historian; Aaron Partin, health leader; Ryley Amos, safety leader; Ivan Tarasov, community service
leader; and Nevaeh Martinez, as the junior recreation leader. Also, the advisors discussed project
selection and snacks were enjoyed.
The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. March 23.
Champion Drive
The Champion Drive 4-H Club met Sunday at the Portage Township Building with officers being elected.
Thomas Bodnar is the president with Emelia Shaffer as the club’s vice president. chosen as secretary was
Jaylin Dilsaver; the treasurer is Angelique Franks. Mackenzie Shaffer will serve as the news reporter.
The historian is Maddie Schramko and the recreational leader is Hannah Betz.
Members also talked about 4-H Camp, community service, club T-shirts, and field trips. The club played
human bingo to get to know each other better.
Future projects include a community service project and activities during meetings.
The next meeting is March 23.
4-Leaf Clover Kids
The 4-Leaf Clover Kids 4-H Club held its second meeting of the year on Sunday.
During the meeting members discussed the 2014 incentive program which rewards members for coming to
meetings, completing demonstrations, participation at the community service project, and others. The
members also discussed possible community service ideas. These included making cards for a nursing home,
collecting canned goods for a local food bank or other things.
The officers for this year were elected with the role of president going to Gracen Amos; a tie for vice
president allowed both Sydney Bechstein and Brianna Marovich to get the role. Anna Zemaitis is the
secretary; Sarah Davis is the treasurer; the historian/news reporter is Ben Armbruster and Mason Crum is
the recreation leader.
To end the meeting, members got to look at project books to help them decide which project or projects to
take this year.
The next meeting will be held April 6 at the Portage Township Hall in Portage.

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