Toledo man sentenced for attempted assault on a medic


A Toledo man who was charged with assaulting a medic while drunk has been sentenced to community control.

Nathaniel Harger, 28, appeared Tuesday in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Matt Reger.
Defense attorney Stevin Groth said in reviewing his client’s record, he is clearly an alcoholic.
While a freshman at Ohio State University, he was a “good-time Charlie” and a full-time alcoholic, Groth
Harger has taken responsibility for what he remembers and is engaged in services, he added.
“Is there some deep-seated problems? Probably,” Groff said.
Harger was indicted in June for fourth-degree assault after he tried to cause physical harm to a
Perrysburg firefighter who was performing his duties as a medic.
He pleaded guilty to the amended charge of attempted assault, a fifth-degree felony.
Assistant Prosecutor David Romaker said the medic is trained in MMA fighting so he knew how to avoid the
assault and restrain the defendant.
Romaker asked for a sentence of four years community control with a stipulation that services be
“This is more than recreational drinking,” he said. “If there is an underlying issue, perhaps we can help
by providing services.”
Harger said he is surprised he is not dead from his drinking.
He said he is now enrolled in AA and speaks to his sponsor every day.
“I look to getting better,” he said.
Reger reviewed Harger’s previous record, including entering an intervention program at OSU in 2012 after
being charged with breaking and entering, entering a three-day program in 2013 after being charged with
OVI, and spending 20 days in jail in 2016 after another OVI arrest.
“Alcohol has been your constant companion since you were 18,” Reger said.
What will be different this time, he asked.
“I’m older,” Harger said, adding that he is scared of not doing anything to get help.
Reger said Harger was a perfect candidate for community control and imposed a four-year term.
In completing 200 hours of community service, he will get credit for attending AA meetings, church and
school, and journaling at least once a week about who his alcohol consumption has harmed.
If there are not community control violations in three years, Regers said he will consider reducing the
length of the sentence.
“Your consumption of alcohol is connected to your terms and conditions of probation,” Reger said.
Any consumption will be a major violation, he said.
“If you fall off the wagon … there is a real possibility of a prison sentence,” Reger said.
Harger also was fined $500.
On March 6, Perrysburg police were called to a restaurant in the 6100 block of Levis Commons Boulevard
for an intoxicated individual.
Harger was so intoxicated he could not pull himself off the ground. First responders were able to get him
onto a cot in the back of the squad. He was uncooperative and threw a punch at the paramedic.

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