Meow and ME! Taylor Swift debuts cat No. 3 after song reveal


All those Swiftie sleuths got it right: Cat mama Taylor Swift debuted her feline No. 3, a sweet-faced
baby boy named Benjamin Button, after his surprise reveal in the music video for her new song
The pop star’s famous Scottish Folds, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, have a brown-eared sibling who
snuggled with Swift on Instagram above her comment: "And then there were three …"
She later shared a snippet of selfie video on Instagram carrying the adorableness in her arms, saying:
"I’ve never personally encountered a cat that preferred to be carried as if they’re a human
Fans suspected she might be adding to her cat family after Swift visited a Nashville butterfly mural she
commissioned hours before her music video dropped Friday. The artwork featured three cats.
The new whiskered face was featured in the video’s story as her on-screen lover, Panic! at the Disco’s
Brendon Urie, tries to woo her back after a spat — in French — by handing her the four-legged bundle.
The pet did the trick.

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