Perrysburg schools investigating ‘disgusting’ tweets


PERRYSBURG — The school district is investigating “disgusting and reprehensible” tweets made about female
In statement released Wednesday afternoon, district officials said that they were made aware of a Twitter
account that was opened sometime during the last 48 hours and subsequent posts that made very
inappropriate and disparaging comments about several female students.
An investigation immediately began in cooperation with the Perrysburg Police Department and a computer
forensics specialist.
“The posts have been removed and we have communicated this information to our high school families. Our
primary goal is to keep our students safe and supported,” the statement said.
“The comments were disgusting and reprehensible. The coward or cowards that created and posted these
terrible things shall not prevail. Regardless if this was perpetrated by someone in our community or
from outside, we will advocate for the most consequential response from the courts upon being caught.”

The statement said that over 100 students, male and female, reported this Twitter account to teachers and
administrators, which enabled officials to quickly respond.
“There is absolutely no place for this type of speech in our schools or world,” the statement said.
Because of the ongoing police investigation, the school district cannot comment any further.

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