BG could lead with bag ban


To the Editor:
The City of Bowling Green is currently discussing a ban on plastic bags and, if enacted, Bowling Green
would make history as the first city in Ohio to implement it.
Perhaps the strongest reason to support a ban is to take control of environmental health. For example,
plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources which contribute to climate change.
Specifically, plastic bags are made from polyethylene which comes from crude oil refining and natural gas
processing. These are non-renewable resources and extracting and using them emits greenhouse gases which
further accelerate climate change. The strongest reason to oppose a ban is because of the possible toll
a ban could take on small, local businesses.
However, rather than try to persuade individuals to agree with my belief on the matter, I believe the
most important response to a debatable topic is to make the correct decision for oneself.
Consequently, I believe it is important that the outcome of this issue accurately reflects the position
of the majority of Bowling Green’s citizens. Thus, it is important that citizens become knowledgeable
about the topic.
One way to become knowledgeable about the topic is to attend city council meetings and meetings of the
community improvement committee, the committee that is currently holding public meetings focused on the
issue of a plastic bag ban.
Correspondingly, members of the community (including Bowling Green State University students who live in
Bowling Green) who are interested in playing a greater role in shaping the rules that govern our
community might also want to start by attending these meetings. Meetings are generally held on the first
and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the council chamber, 304 N. Church St. The next meeting of
the community improvement committee will be held May 6 at 6 p.m.
Regardless of one’s position, it is important to first know this issue is being discussed, and second to
be knowledgeable enough to know how you believe this issue can best be resolved.
It is my intention for this letter to convey the impact the plastic bag ban issue can have, and to
motivate citizens to become knowledgeable about the topic as well as to participate in the discussions.

Whatever the outcome, well-informed citizens can rest assured they made the correct decision for the
Nick Yeager
Bowling Green

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