Ham it up: Try glaze with Easter dinner


It’s not too early to start planning Easter dinner and the owners of porkbelly bbq have a simple recipe
to use to enhance the flavor of a ham.
Rory, who goes by PJ, and Heather Earl operate the business which creates and sells signature sauces.
They also operate food trucks that serve local fairs, festivals, farmers markets and other catered
events. They will also soon venture into the restaurant business with a brick-and-mortar eatery expected
to open soon in Bowling Green.
In the long and varied history of recipes which have appeared in this Cook’s Corner column, this ham
glaze recipe is very likely the shortest recipe ever to appear — only two ingredients.
The one ingredient that is unique is the Tangy Carolina-style barbecue sauce made by porkbelly bbq.
The Earl family says this is absolutely the favorite of their family, which includes two children.
“Ham is not just a holiday dinner for our family, it is a regular feature. The ham makes at least three
meals at our house,” Heather said. “The glaze enhances the flavor of all three meals.”
In addition to the main dish at the first meal, the ham makes great sandwiches and ham and bean soup for
a third meal.
The couple began their business venture in 2011 when they started making their own sauces for their
catering and vending operations.
The sauces —they currently have four varieties — became available for purchase starting in 2013 at the
demand of their customers who wanted to capture the same flavors at home.
The Earls began making their sauces at the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen located at the Agricultural
Incubator Foundation on Ohio 582. They got their start with the assistance of the Center for Innovative
Food Technology.
The couple now have moved to their own full kitchen due to their success and need for more time and space
to meet their demands. They have been rewarded with recognition from various events for their sauces and
PJ said that their sauces are not catsup-based as are many similar sauces. He calls the sauces a little
bit spicy and a little bit sweet.
“It’s just an ideal mix,” he said.
The other three sauces are all based on the original tangy Carolina base.
In announcing the excellence award from CIFT, the press release said the award was “in recognition of
exceptional achievement in the development of the food company and the contribution to the industry and
state of Ohio.”
PJ told CIFT, “Due to the assistance from CIFT, we have been able to focus on our business growth and
expand our small business. Now, as we enter the final stages of opening our restaurant, we look forward
to growing our business further and expanding the reach of our sauces.”
The company specializes in home-style barbecue meals, scratch cooking, and slow-pit cooking over cherry
wood throughout the day.
For more information visit porkbelly-bbq.com

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